Fix Your Frustration with Staff Productivity

I spoke with several business managers and business owners and many of them are frustrated that their staff are unproductive and just not growing or delivering their business quickly enough.  Through these discussions, I shared some key areas which I’m happy to share with you should you face the same frustrations and not quite sure where to start?

As a leader, there are many things you have to consider for a productive and engaged team. These essential factors open the door to productivity, enthusiasm, growth and increase the results for your company. Engaged employees is vital for valuable and positive results which serves as the business greatest asset.

This article will explain 5 effective and efficient ways which when implemented, can boost the engagement of your employees. I hope you find them useful. You don’t have to master all the principles management books teach. As a leader, your aim is to build commitment and confidence to improve your employees’ engagement.


  1. The leader is the channel for connecting people to work

Your team will execute high level of productivity if they are connected ‘emotionally’ to their job as well as to the workforce environment. You as leader have to become the channel to allow the employee to emotionally connect with their work. Once they feel emotionally connected to the environment and performed better, they will execute with passion the type of productivity and effectiveness levels you strive for them to achieve.

Suggested actions; questions you can ask your team; What drives you in your work, what is the feeling you receive when you have delivered great work, what inspires you in your work?


  1. Value your employees

Appreciation is the key to attain this second tip. Thank your employees every time they do something great and motivate them to do better next time. Ensure you appreciate their effort and recognize their hard work. A simple sincere “Thank You” though deemed basic, is one of the effective ways to show your appreciation and your employees will feel valued. Appreciation acts as a light to energise and motivate achievement.

Suggested actions; Say Thank Youpraise in public, celebrate weekly wins by gathering together and note each persons achievement and ask them to add an extra 2, surprise with random acts of appreciation or rewards in the workplace for the team to enjoy.


  1. Inspire trust by the use of transparency

The company must be committed to transparency. Be honest with your employees! Initiating transparency and trust with your team you will bring the feeling of worthiness to your staff. Actions of trust includes sharing of financial year statements, business goals, successes of the business and growth strategies. Sharing information in challenging market times is also a strong act of trust and you could be surprised how engaging this action can impact on your employees. They will respond with commitment and assist to provide solutions to overcome the challenging market conditions. During challenging times, your team is your greatest asset!

Suggested actions; share financial year targets and monthly tracking updates in your team meetings, feedback and comments from clients or other senior members, discuss senior management meeting discussions, explore challenges and competition faced by the organization/company.

  1. Invest in training

Invest in your employees for the long term! Provide training and tools for new systems and courses to up skill. Develop a training program and inform your team they are able to attend one or a number of development courses in the year. They also can find courses or conferences within the desired budget. Ask your employee to do a post course or conference presentation to your full team, this way the employee is required to recall the key messaging from the course / conference and becomes a team bonding experience. This is a team building and cost efficient activity for the benefit of the entire team.

Suggested actions; define your training budget, review your employees training development needs and relevant courses, allow your employees to do a course unrelated to their work and present their personal growth gained from attendance.


  1. Set the direction

Everything starts with your vision. Do your employees believe in your vision, are they aligned to the business values? Conduct an activity to bring the vision, mission, values and goals to life, don’t let them gather dust in the bottom desk draw. Bring them to life, do an activity of the values, ask the questions who aligns to the values. Link how your employees are playing their part to achieve the business objectives. If employees understand how they contribute to the overall goals and the impact when they don’t deliver, it can encourage every member of the team to want to strive and provide their perfect effort.

Suggested actions; Ask your team how they align to the values and which ones they best align to, share common stories or examples of how your team acted or performed reflecting a value during your end of week gathering, decorate the office with the values and vision on the walls or windows.


Highly engaged and productive workforce is your organisations greatest asset.

Implement these quick tips to aid your company’s future growth!


LaurenFix Your Frustration with Staff Productivity
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