Does the environment of the event really count?”

Whilst exploring ideas and venues for hosting an event with a prospective client, the question was raised – “Does the environment of the event really count?”

The question had me thinking, how do we make certain decisions for hosting an event?

Ever wondered? How do we determine the theme, look and feel when hosting events with first time sponsors and stakeholders?  There are event spaces that are bright, light and edgy and others that are dark, warm and cosy.  When participants and sponsors attend events, whether it’s a business, sporting or networking function, the event is competing for people’s time and resources. Money and time are limited!

It’s important to explore the fundamentals whether you’re running the event in-house or working with an event organiser, explore the fundamentals and in collaboration determine the most suitable venue that will make the event stand out and be memorable.

To attract your events target audience, below are some questions to explore in the concept phase:

  • Why is the event taking place?

  • Why does the event exist?

  • What is the event vision?

  • What is the events purpose?

  • Who will the event serve?

  • What are the goals of the event?

  • What is the culture and feel of the event?

  • How is the company brand and goals aligned to the event?

  • How does the budget support the event delivery in terms of services & products?

  • Ask yourself and your team; if your participants were to say three words after attending your event, what would they be?

The above can set the environment and is fundamental to the events direction, success and the community it serves.

LaurenDoes the environment of the event really count?”
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