Creating Memories

There is a single moment in time that I will never forget, is 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia.

Based inside the spectacular Melbourne Cricket Ground, I can still hear the roar of the crowd as the two front runners in the women’s marathon entered the stadium.

With just 400 meters between them and the finish line, the air erupted with the sound of cheering fans on the edge of the seat and launching to their feet. Flags flew high with people celebrating their nation’s athletes and the atmosphere was simply electric.


Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps all over again!


As event managers, we understand what being an event manager is truly about; creating unique and special memories. There’s no end of activity and excitement at an event; a great event touches our every sense; from the sights and sounds to the emotional reactions.


This is why I believe that a great event manager explores the basic fundamentals.  To ask themselves why the event is happening and why it exists. To deliberate on the purpose of what it hopes to achieve. To the extent of creating a concept of the event, including the vision and goals which in turn ultimately provides a clear direction for the team to implement. The plan assists with decision making, prioritisation, planning and budget spend. To understand who is attending, what they value and explore what happens from the moment your attendees arrive onsite, during the event to leaving.  Literally exploring through all the touch points and senses of what attendees may encounter physically as well as crafting the social experience communicated virtually.


We all remember a moment in time when we were at an event, what stood out, what mattered the most to us; whether we captured these moments through pictures and videos on phones and cameras, or just in our hearts. We never let go of those truly special moments.


An event manager doesn’t just create something special in the now, they create a memory that can last a lifetime.

innerpulseCreating Memories
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