Making Events Memorable

Global Experience. Unrivalled Networks. Events Like No-other

We work with you to make your events memorable, with global experience, unrivaled networks; we breathe life into your event.

Our Vision is to;

  • Understanding the vision of your event and making memorable events across the globe.
  • building a long-term relationship with you,
  • working globally with you across Australia, Asia and internationally.

How we bring this to life is

Underpinning our joint successes are the values and things that we believe in – we believe that;

  • events should never see the light of day, unless they will ignite, excite and inspire
  • collaboration is key to our success and your future
  • we believe in doing the right thing even when no-one is watching us
  • we believe that we will not ask of others that we will not do of ourselves, that is leadership by example.
  • we believe in being results driven, we focus on more than theory we know how to execute on the ground.
  • And most of all – The only way we can create events that ignite, excite and inspire us is to make sure we bring in the fun factor in…

Meet the team

When event success is critical to your success, the Innerpulse team with global experience and an unrivaled network will make all the difference

Lauren Penny

Lauren has 16 years experience in event management, including roles in Australia, the UK and the Middle East. She leads the team through her knowledge and expertise in event planning and execution as well as ability to engage a productive workforce.

From major international sporting events in Australia, Qatar and London and international world leading bank of HSBC, to her first business venture of corporate wellness in Qatar, to working within the Prime Minister’s Department of the Australian Government hosting the G20 Summit, Lauren has truly developed her knowledge, passion for events and people and is sharing this at Innerpulse working with businesses to fullfill their vision through an engaged and productive workforce.

Lauren has also worked at:

  • Grand Slam Tennis, Australia
  • Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Event, Turkmenistan
  • G20 Leaders’ Summit, Australia

  • London 2012 Olympic Games

  • HSBC Bank, Qatar

  • 2006 Asian Games, Qatar

  • 2006 Commonwealth Games,  Australia

  • Deaflympics, Australia

  • Football Federation Victoria, Australia

  • The Football Association (The FA), England

Lauren has had the privilege of speaking at a number of conferences and events across the globe;

Dubai: Middle East Sport Event Summit: Moderator Youth Forum and Conference Speaker

Topic: Recruiting the Right Project Teams for Major Sports Events: Managing, empowering and motivating for a successful result

Dubai: Fleming Gulf HR Strategies in Banking & Finance

Topic: Employee Reward, the balance between financial and non-financial rewards

Received Speaker Award: Rated 1st Style and 2nd Content

United Kingdom: London 2012 Olympics, Football Workforce Venue Training

Qatar: QNCC, International Guest Familiarisation Trip

Qatar: HSBC, Master of Ceremonies and Speaker, All Staff Open Forums

Qatar: Art of Abundant Living, Master of Ceremonies, Award Night

Qatar: Asian Games Qatar, Master of Ceremonies, Multi-Sport Workforce Venue Training

Australia: Commonwealth Games – The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Workforce Venue Training

United Kingdom: The Football Association, Referee Campaigns

Martin Cantwell

Martin plays a critical role in ensuring events go smoothly.  It is vital to have a resource like Martin that understands networking and mobile communications.  He also manages the behind the scenes areas of registration and data control.

Martin assists our planning team in determining event technical requirements and communicate with all parties involved to collect and disseminate information required for execution.  He analyzes equipment and labor requirements, coordinates the fulfillment of these requirements, and communicate execution plan.


Innerpulse absolutely is driven by Lauren Penny, but we don’t do it all on our own. We believe in flexible and scalable support across all of our systems to ensure your experience meets your expectations, and we back this up with exceptional specialists in their field.

From regional events to the large sporting and conference events on the global scale, we bring together the team you need to deliver your event.

Where project requirements demand it, we draw on a skilled network of consultants with specific expertise to meet deliverables – a network that Lauren has worked with for in excess of fifteen years. In short, she brings her A-Team to the table.

We work with you to define the scope of the project and bring you the best in their field which includes specialists across security, risk management, marketing, PR agencies, ticketing agents, audiovisual and music production specialists.

When event success is critical to your success, the Innerpulse team with global experience and an unrivaled network will make all the difference.

We are able to deploy wherever you are – in Queensland, Melbourne, across Australia and internationally

What Innerpulse Does Best

Here are just a few highlights of the services we provide.


Event Planning and Strategy

Our expertise can be your guiding light for a hassle-free event.  With our background of event planning and strategy we can direct you on critical issues like; lead times, budgets, staff requirements and set realistic expectations.


Marketing and Communications

Most events require a clear and effective plan to connect with a variety of participants in your program.  Each audience may require it’s own marketing plan and methods for gaining maximum participation.


Event Operations & Logistics

When the day of your event comes Innerpulse works to ensure that everything will be in place.  However when the unexpected happens you can count on us to deal with challenges in a efficient and professional way for a great event.


Workforce Management

Many large scale events require a good number of workforce to make it successful.  Innerpulse has the background in coordinating large programs to recognize how many support staff should be on hand and arrange recruit, train, engage and have available for your event.

Summary: Why we're best!

Innerpulse can deliver what you need to make your event a hit!

  • We have experience producing both small and large scale events
  • We can produce anything from sporting to corporate functions
  • Each member of our immediate team has meeting and event background
  • We work hand in hand with you to produce the event you expect
  • We also provide vital consulting service to manage your expectations

As you might imagine each meeting and event is unique and it is important to receive your input before providing any pricing.  That said, we belive Innerpulse provides the best value in this market.  We have resources that work at very reasonable rates and with each project we learn how to maintain leaner budgets and still deliver a high quality event.   Contact us for a quote.

With Innerpulse’s flexible event programming we can manage all or part of your event.  If you simply need a resource to build and manage  your workforce we can do that.  If you’re looking for a marketing team to promote your event we can do that too.    Just tell us where you want us to fit in and we will make it happen.

Our ability to recruit and maintain a viable event workforce is a key component of our service.  We reach out to enthusiastic volunteers, interns and in certain cases temporary paid help to create the reliable type of worker support your event will require.   Tell us your expectations and we can respond with a strategy and budget.

Planning ahead is a critical role in a successful event execution.  It is not unusual for an event to be planned a year or more ahead of time.  However we understand the realities of life and we work on last minute projects all the time.    With our extensive event production experience we can advise you on what can be accomplished in the given time frame you have available.

Regardless of whether you need a simple meeting room or a stadium to hold your event the team at Innerpulse has connections to provide the information and answers you need to make your dream event a reality.  As was mentioned above “planning ahead” is crucial if your event requires one of the premium locations in your area.  These venues book up far in advance, especially on weekends, so if you have something in mind, let’s get started.

Certain types of events require local or regional officials to be notified or approve of the program.  Innerpulse understand which types or events need this and will take care of all logistics for making your ideas happen.  While we cannot guarantee event approval we can advise you if there is anything unusual we need to deal with to get the approvals you need.

Legal:  You event may also require certain legal issues be managed for various reasons.  You may need a certain type of insurance for larger scale events.  Once again these are all aspects of the program we will discuss with you in our consultation.

Great!  We’re excited you decided to take some action.  It costs nothing to get an initial consultation and let us provide you with a firm price quote for your event.  You can call  0404 857 321 or email to start a conversation.

Partner Testimonials

  • Lauren was a very clear and articulate speaker and was well received by both the students and business professionals during the Middle East Sports Summit in Dubai. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lauren for the event.

    Sally Corander,Managing Director INTERACT
  • Lauren possesses strategic direction in her ability to see  the big picture and translates a sense of purpose and confidence.  She is a highly enthusiastic person and her energy and enthusiasm are natural qualities which builds relationships with her peers and colleagues.

    Abdul Hakeem Mostafawi. CEO HSBC QATAR
  • Innerpulse was engaged by Start to Finish to provide People Management Strategies for the continued growth, engagement and productivity of the business.  Lauren constantly demonstrated a detailed and flexible approach and also outlined the best way to implement the strategies for our business model. Lauren was very clear on specific project time frames and ensured that all costs and delivery dates were adhered to.

    Joel Knott, General Manager Sole Motive
  • Lauren demonstrated a pleasant personality, which made the working environment at the Middle East Sports Summit in Dubai so much friendlier and therefore easier to meet expectations.    It is clear that Lauren has a wealth of experience in the sports industry and workforce planning in the region, which showed during her presentation at the Summit and her skills as a facilitator at the Youth Forum.

    Sally Corander, Managing Director INTERACT
  • Thank you for organising and executing such a successful event, can I say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.    We appreciate your team being so patient and understanding of aspects from our end.

    Nadia Coxon, Event Coordinator, Legacy Brisbane Nadia Coxon, Event Coordinator, Legacy Brisbane
  • Queensland Rugby proudly supported the Red Run Remembrance Day Fun Run at Ballymore Stadium.  My dealings with Lauren Penny  were always positive, encouraging and extremely professional. I found the experience rewarding and look forward to hosting the event in coming year.

    Joseph Huber, Head of Operations & Facilities Queensland Rugby Union
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